A recent selection of textile work


Cleansed (2019)

‘Under The Northern Sky’ collaborative exhibition with Signal Films, Barrow-in-Furness.  As part of the Arts Council funded project Platform.  Cleansed is an exploration of the use of the sea as a  metaphor for the human condition. Projection installation on insect mesh.

Water surrounds us,

It defines us,

Its isolation is an isolation in its lifetime.

The sea becomes its own myth, generating madness,

pushing beyond the limits of the mind,

In the clearing of mans struggle.

Cyclical over time,

higher than any border.

A bond that connects us all.

Projection installation in situ


It All Becomes Clear – 2018

MA Show 2018 – Showcase of Post Grad Art & Design Students, Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, Sept – Oct 2018, as part of a body of research visualising memory and collective narratives.  Textiles are the everyday, triggering memory and comfort.


There Were Three In A Row & I Saw Everything (2017)

‘The Artist Within – Branching Out’ – Art-E_Motion Collaborative, 57th Venice Biennale in the Seychelles Pavilion, October 2017. Download the catalogue VVM5.Small appliqued embroidered quilting squares, made as part of a body of Masters research exploring memory and visualising through domestic textiles.


My Mother’s Shroud (2017)

Apart, Together – Collaborative Exhibition – Leaf, Portland St, Manchester, Feb 2017.  As part of research along the theme of ‘Contested Territories’ unit of the Masters course at MMU. Post grad art students collaborated to produce the exhibition for end of the unit. My Mother’s Shroud evolved through a personal narrative on disease, involving performance, film and installation.



A Woman’s Work Is Never Done (2017)


A Woman’s Work Is Never Done – The National Trust, Quarry Bank, Jan-Apr 2017. A micro commission which encompassed research into the lives of the woman associated with the mill in the 18th and 19th century.  A textile and film installation that was part of a new museum exhibition celebrating the lives of the women. The victorian clothes were embroidered with old sayings relating to women’s everyday work.


I Am Not Mad (2017)

This textile piece was a product of research into the lives of the everyday woman prior to the 20th century who had fallen victim to the whims of their husbands, incarcerated into asylums.  It includes a letter written to a husband begging to be allowed home. Embroidery, beading, felting, applique and leather on linen.

Become What You Say (2016)

Magic in the Web – A celebration of the works of Shakespeare for the 400th Anniversary of his death Trident Textiles Collective, The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness 2016 & Florence Mine Arts, Egremont 2016.  The embroidered corset refers to Lady MacBeths (Shakespeare) most famous lines.  The work questions if she really as the villainess that history has painted her out to be. Embroidery and beading on tulle.


All Hung Out To Dry (2015)

Small embroidered vintage handkerchief detailing a love letter in Arabic from a wife to a husband who took the perilous journey from Syria to Greece.  The handkerchief was found on the beach.  The Venice Vending Machine  Art-E-Motion Collaborative, 56th Venice Biennale 2015. View and download the catalogue VVM3. 


Sipping Yerba Mate (2014)

Pieces Of Eight – Trident Textile Collective, FarField Mill, Sedbergh 2014.  A collaborative exhibition with Trident Textiles.  Sipping Yerba Mate details a personal memory of the artist aged 5, when living in Buenos Aires.  A mix of screen print, applique, embroidery and collaged paper.