‘When I Was Five’, Diptych photographs, Buenos Aires 1979 (Analogue) & Santa Ponsa 2019 (Digital), 

Rachel Capovila is from and based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, in the North-West of England.  Although part of her childhood (1970’s) was spent in Argentina, where her Dad  is from, before the family came back to Barrow.  Rachel’s cross-disciplinary, process-led practice often explores memory, place and finding the links that connects us all.  Rachel’s practice encompasses film, photography, mixed media textiles and installation. 

Collaboration is also a key part to her practice, working with artists, collectives, communities and arts organisations on a broad spectrum of participatory projects. Rachel’s skills also cross over to being an arts professional, a facilitator, a short film producer and technically skilled in film areas.  Rachel has been published and exhibited internationally.