Rachel Capovila’s cross-disciplinary practice explores the relationship between memory and historic narrative, finding the links that connects us all.  Common themes across her projects are in heritage and the legacies within our communities that impacts upon our everyday lives. Rachel’s practice encompasses film, textile and installation.  Collaboration is a key part to her practice, working with artists, collectives and arts organisations on a broad spectrum of projects. Rachel has exhibited within the UK and internationally.

Rachel arts professional work includes Art Gene, an NPO status, international arts research organisation, in Barrow-in-Furness, as Project Manager across the programme of the Extreme Views project.  Other recent personal projects include a pilot project Barrow’s Salty Yarns, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Working with creative sound artists Full of Noises and filmmaker Julia Parks. Creatively exploring the local undocumented heritage passed down through the generations along the Furness coast. Rachel is also part of the North West Development Lab, a collective of artists working together, as part of the Arts Council project Platform led, by Signal Film and Media.  Rachel managed a portfolio of projects with Signal for many years.

It All Becomes Clear Now
‘It All Becomes Clear Now’ 2018 – Still from film.  Photograph by Rachel Capovila