Extreme Views

Art Gene’s programme of research, engagement with communities and delivery of art works within the extreme post-industrial coastal landscape of the Islands and Bays of Barrow-in-Furness.

My role as Project Manager and as a collaborative creative to the Directors, was to programme a series of events and workshops within the community, to provide a vehicle for discussion around identity, health and well-being and a positive future.  Bringing together creatives, artists, scientists, and naturalists with local residents to explore and discover what is amazing about the area and to find ways to utilise and celebrate for the future generations.




Within my role and as a filmmaker, I would film these events to find further ways of celebration and as a tool to advertise further events to local residents to engage more fully with the project.

‘Barra Night Life’ was a great event, allowing us to curate a series of activities to bring local residents together, as part of a wider view.



Habitat to Habitation was a series of workshops facilitating local residents to make fabulous bird boxes.



All films are filmed and edited by me.

See the Art Gene website Extreme Views project page for further in-depth information.

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