My Mother’s Shroud

My Mother’s Shroud is a filmed performative piece projected onto a bed mosquito net. The film represents a traumatic event in the artists childhood in Argentina of seeing her mother almost dying, ill with Malaria and Hepatitus B from a Mosquito bite. The anguish, the remoteness felt by the artist is replayed through the performance.

‘My Mother’s Shroud’ – Installation in situ – projection on textile.

Exhibited at Leaf, Portland Street, Manchester, 2017, as part of a collaborative with Master Students at The Manchester School of Art.

Note: In The 1970’s the World Health Organisation believed that Malaria had been eradicated from Argentina and so therefore the vaccine was not offered.

‘My Mother’s Shroud’ – Performance Film for projection.

This work also links back to the artists earlier work ‘Sipping Yerba Mate’ and ‘The Lemon Tree’.  See here.