It All Becomes Clear


In film portraiture it is often not action and things happening, but taking a closer look at the subject.  An opportunity to view how a whole life can be acknowledged in one swoop.  A focus on textiles and the bric-a-brac we surround ourselves with, triggering memory, trauma and some comfort.  Among chaos comes some clarity.  

This moving film shines a spotlight on the perpetual state of waiting and remembering.  Age and memory and now catching the subject up.  Gladys, is the artist’s maternal Grandmother, and family tragic loss has taken over someone who was once so full of life.  Trauma and loss can consume us and life takes a back seat. 

‘It All Becomes Clear’ was part of the Post Grad Art & Design Student showcase, Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art,  Sept – Oct 2018,

The film was part of a body of work visualising memory and collective narratives.