Jaunt To Piel

Short dual projected films in exhibition produced as part of the Artful Ways commission.

The film she created for Artful Ways brings together experiences and perspectives from Piel Island and the Seal colony of Walney Island, and was presented using two projectors side by side.

Made to viewed in person not online, however, the moments of conversation, glimpses of togetherness and celebration of being together in a wonderful place comes across in this short film expressing a moment in time.

“My favourite place in our borough is Piel Island. To me as a child, everything interesting and exciting happened there. On the tip of the peninsula, overlooked by the Port of Barrow and the deep water shipping lane, Piel is one of our jewels.”

Rachel made several trips to Piel Island, by ferry and by foot, and sought to engage with fellow pilgrims to celebrate being alive, and having the opportunity to reconnect after being in lockdown. Interacting along the different journeys with participants in conversation and discussion on themes of lockdown and the local heritage and landscape.

Rachel created a zine which included information about the project, the island and what can be found there, but also and opportunity for families to take part. A DIY Cabinet of Curiousities that meant special finds could be photographed and shared on social media with hashtags. This inspiration came from the Art Gene artwork in situ on the island’s pub The Ship Inn.

With thanks to

John Murphy Local Sands Guide

Nicos Nicholaides – Drone Footage

See more about the Artful Ways Project here.


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