Maritime communication has long utilised the light of beacons and of sound to warn of impending danger.   The work explores the use of the same power of light and sound to warn those at home, and beyond our shores, of the coming incursion by the sea.   The use of moving image, light and sound mixed with a use of textile and found objects, seeks to use the familiar to explore the unknown.  To find a language that is accessible to us all, to bridge the gaps. 

Though rising sea levels are a condition that threatens to affect human society in many ways and locations, it is particularly relevant to low-lying islands and coastal areas, such as the archipelago of the Furness coastline.  Through a series of site specific interventions, viewed online, the work hopes to provoke a dialogue on social media and beyond, on how the rising sea levels will affect the Furness coastline, its inhabitants and land usage in the future.